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Project Team (IBAP)

Development Agencies;

they were established for the purpose of.

The Western Mediterranean Development Agency is changing its approach to local development as of 2020 in order to develop activities in accordance with its founding philosophy. Based on the 11th Development Plan and Working Program Procedures and Principles, a series of activities are planned to focus on youth in order to get rid of the image of the grant institution and to mobilize local dynamics. Within the scope of these activities, it is aimed to increase the competence of our region and our country to prepare projects by increasing the capacities of young people and the people of the region by forming volunteer youth, thus supporting sustainable local development. In this context, IBAP; It will be created under the leadership of the Western Mediterranean Development Agency, among those who reside and / or continue their education in Antalya, Isparta and Burdur, who are willing to take part in the project studies and who are enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate education program.

What Will IBAP Team Members Do?

IBAP members;

Qualifications Required to Become an IBAP Member

In order to be among the IBAP members, applicants must fully meet the following requirements. Applications of candidates who do not meet these conditions will not be valid. In addition, if the applications that are understood not to meet these conditions are detected in the next stages, even if the person is entitled to take part in the team, his / her relationship with the team will be cut off.

Reasons for Preference for IBAP Members

In addition to the mandatory criteria mentioned above to become an IBAP member, there are some preference criteria that will provide an advantage to the candidates during the evaluation phase. It is not mandatory for candidates to meet these criteria, but candidates who declare / prove that they meet these criteria will be more advantageous during the evaluation phase.

criteria are the reasons for preference in the selection of IBAP members.

IBAP Members Selection Process

An announcement text is prepared for the election of IBAP members and announced on the Agency's website and social media accounts. In addition, a poster for the announcement text is prepared and sent to the university and other relevant institutions with an official letter and announced in the institutions.

In addition to the announcement to be submitted through the agency website, a CV form is requested and filled in by the candidates. Resume form; personal information, experiences, training etc. for candidates It consists of questions that measure the ability and creativity of candidates in writing. Candidates are asked to fill in the CV form and send it to e-mail within the specified time, to The application forms sent between the application dates will be evaluated according to the candidates' statement and their responses to the questions through the selection commission determined by the Agency. If deemed necessary, the Agency may conduct interviews with the candidates face-to-face or over the phone at the evaluation stage, and may identify different measurement and evaluation methods.

As a result of the evaluation, starting from the candidate with the highest score, the candidates will be ranked and the list of primary and substitute candidates is determined. The list of candidates who qualify for team membership is announced on the Agency website. In the next stage, documents that will prove their statements are requested from the candidates on the main list.

At which stage are we?

Candidates who qualify for the team after the evaluation process is completed will be announced on the Agency website (