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About Us

The purpose of the establishment of the Development Agencies, in the first article of the Law No. 5449, is to develop regional development in line with the principles and policies envisaged in the national development plan and programs by developing cooperation between the public, private and non-governmental organizations, ensuring the proper and effective use of resources and mobilizing local potential. It has been defined as speeding up, ensuring its sustainability, reducing inter-regional and intra-regional development disparities. It is stated in the fifth article of the same law that Agencies can support local projects and activities for this purpose.

The General Secretariat of the Agency's executive body is responsible for the management of the support provided by the agencies and the relations with the beneficiaries. General secretary; It consists of the Secretary General, Unit Heads, Coordinators, Experts and Support Staff. The chief administrative officer is the Secretary General.

The agency carries out the works related to the control, monitoring and evaluation of the implemented projects through its own personnel. However, if it is technically needed, it can get support from public institutions and organizations and professional organizations that are not beneficiaries.